1. Community Work
    Adopted 20 schools, 80kms from Mumbai. We support these schools with Notebooks and uniforms. Each student costs Rs. 750/- a year.

  2. Health check ups for kids in the schools are done every 4 weeks. This activity is done for 20 schools and covers 1000 students. 80% of these kids are tribal and economically needy.

  3. Rural Development
    Distribute improved seeds in the surrounding village. Help them take advantage of the Government schemes in terms of educating and guiding them through the process. This covers 200 families across 9 villages.

  4. Community Work
    - Constructed a drinking water facility for commuters passing through Nohar Village in Rajasthan. Done this with the assistance of the Forest Community School – Horsham, West Sussex.
    - Toilet block for girls in Jaigad – A fishing village in Maharashtra.
    - School compound wall for a school in Jaigad. This, with the help from John Robbins (community tutor from the UK).
    - Developed a camping site in the National Park in Mumbai. This facility is used by students for their camps and excursions. - Sanitation facility in a forest camping ground in Solang Nala (8500ft) in the Himalayas– 120,000 tourists visit these hills every year.

  5. Environmental Involvement
    Conduct environmental walks for students every year. Instrumental in planting 8 mn. trees in the Purulia district in West Bengal. A project funded by the National Wasteland Development Board. Done with active involvement of the local community. In Maharashtra, we plant over 100,000 saplings every year.

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